When you first log in to Data Sync, you will be taken to the Overview page and provided a list of steps to guide you through the setup for Data Sync. Each step will assist you to ensure you get your data into Google Classroom as quickly as possible.

Authorize Data Sync

This will already be done for you by the time you get to Data Sync. We will display the User that has authenticated with Data Sync from Google. Please ensure this user is a Google Super Admin.

Connect Your Data Source

Next, you will connect your Student Information System (SIS), School Management System (SMS), or data source to Data Sync. This is necessary to ensure you get daily updates in Google Classroom as things change in your SIS. Data Sync has worked to build an extensive list of SIS/MIS vendors to allow for the most simple connections. Please select your SIS/MIS from the Products list and follow the instructions on the following page.

If you don't see your Product in the list, Data Sync also supports connections to any SIS or MIS that supports OneRoster API or CSV. Most providers support one of these two methods, you may need to ask your provider which of these they support.

Do an Initial Collection

At this point, Data Sync will collect the data from your connected data source. Depending on how large your institution is, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Most collections in Data Sync are completed within 20 minutes.

Acknowledge Your Data Quality

After your first sync completes you should review the data in the Data > Explore page. Here you can verify that you have the correct counts of data (courses, section, students, teachers, etc.). This is a quick way to ensure that all of your expected data is in Data Sync.

After you have looked at the data counts, it is a best practice to review some of your users to make sure their data looks correct as well. For Google Classroom, it is important that your students and teachers are using the correct emails that already exist in Google. If they are not, then Data Sync will not be able to correctly enroll those users in the appropriate Google Classroom courses.

Data Sync will also display a Problems count for any objects that don't meet the Google Classroom requirements:

  • Sections must have a Primary Teacher ($primary_teacher). This is who Data Sync will map as the Owner in the Google Classroom course.

  • Sections must have Course Name

  • Sections must have a Section

  • Students and Teachers must have an email

You will need to correct any data issues in your SIS or data source in order for Data Sync to pass this down to Google Classroom. You may download a full list of all the validation errors from the Data Validations tab on the Data page.

Select Courses

If you only need a few of your courses synced into Google Classroom, you can use the Preview mode from the Overview page. When "Synchronize only these Courses" is enabled, Data Sync will only sync the course and the corresponding sections, students, and teachers that you have selected. To select a course, begin typing the name of the course into the Course Search box.

You can come back to the Preview anytime to add or remove courses from the Preview.

NOTE: Data Sync will NOT delete any courses from Google Classroom, including ones that are removed from the Preview. You will need to remove these courses manually from Google Classroom.

When you are ready to add the rest of your courses, just select the "Synchronize all Courses" and after your next collection of data into Data Sync will add the rest of your courses to Google Classroom.


When you have completed these steps, click "Finish and Start Synchronizing" and Data Sync will deliver your data to Google Classroom. At this point, Data Sync will automatically collect data from your data source each day at 6PM and send those changes to Google Classroom. You may also manually "Refresh" your data at any time from the Data page to get the most up-to-date roster information.

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