Please Read the Google Support Guide before getting started.

Data Sync will automatically create courses and sync your rosters based on your SIS data.

  • You must accept the invitation to all new classes created by the Data Sync Google Classroom Integration.

  • Rosters are updated daily based on the scheduled time set by your Google Administrator. The default current time is set to 6:00 PM local time. If your classes or rosters don't match, please contact your institution's Google Administrator.

  • Teachers may create manual courses in Google Classroom and manually enroll students. The integration will only update courses that were created through the Data Sync integration.

  • The roster integration is only one-way. If you add or remove a student from your Google Classroom course, that change will not be synced back to your SIS.

  • Teachers may manually add/remove students from the Data Sync-created courses at any time; however, future updates to the data from the SIS may override those changes.

  • Teachers may update the name of the Class name and Section in Google Classroom; however, future changes in the SIS data may overwrite those changes.

  • The Data Sync Google Classroom integration will add all teachers to each course, including co-teachers. Primary teachers may always manually add another co-teacher to their courses.

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