Data Sync synchronizes Courses, Classes, and Enrollments from your Student Information System (SIS) and Google Classroom.

Please Read the Google Support Guide before getting started.


  • Your organization must have a Google Workspace for Education Plus subscription for Staff and Students.

  • Student and Teachers must have an email address that matches the email address of existing users in Google.

  • Teachers, students and the Super Administrator may be in different subdomains, but they must all be part of the same primary domain.

  • The user that authorizes Data Sync to connect to Google Classroom must be a Super Admin in Google Workspace

How it works

  • Data Sync connects directly to your SIS using preferred APIs, standards like OneRoster, or alternatively you may also upload CSV files.

  • Data Sync collects a fresh set of data each night and compares that to what was collected the previous day, and synchronizes those changes with Google Classroom.

  • Course synchronization is one-way: Data Sync will not modify any manually created courses or enrollments in Google Classroom. These changes also will not be synchronized back to Data Sync.

  • You may begin by previewing a small number of Courses to learn how it all works, then when ready you can easily expand to the rest of your Courses.

What it doesn't do

  • Data Sync will not create any users in Google Workspace

  • Data Sync will not delete any courses in Google Classroom

  • Data Sync will not remove any students or teachers that were manually added to the courses

What else you should know

  • Teachers will need to accept an invitation into all Courses created by Data Sync

  • Only Courses that have a teacher will be created in Google Classroom

  • All teachers, including co-teachers enrolled in the Course through your SIS will be added to the Course in Google Classroom.

  • All Students and Teachers must previously have an existing Google Workspace account in order to be added into any Courses in Google Classroom

  • All Classroom users are required to have their Email field populated with their Google email.

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