The Settings page in Data Sync allows you to manage your organization, your users, your connections.


The Account tab will display the organization information in Data Sync. You may also close your account from this tab as well.

Closing your account permanently deletes all data from Data Sync within 30 days. No data is deleted from the Student Information System or Google Classroom.


Your users can be managed from the Users tab in Settings page. Here you may add new users, remove users, or apply different permissions for your users.


The Connections tab allows you to view the status of your Connections within Data Sync. Here we will display your connections to Google Classroom, as well as any connections you have made to your SIS, SMS, or data source.

You may remove any existing data source connection you have created from this tab as well. Once you disconnect your SIS, SMS or data source, Data Sync will no longer be able to get new data from it, and Google Classroom will no longer be updated.

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