Data Sync can read course, roster, and guardian data from any student information system capable of exporting its data to OneRoster compliant CSV files. Data Sync supports both the CSV files or a Zip file archive with the files inside.

Data Sync provides a secure storage space that uses Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) . This space is only accessible to your account. To stay up to date, you will need to upload your files to this space on a regular basis, at least daily.


Select CSV from the Product page to start your setup. You will then be presented with your account-specific SFTP credentials:

  • Server:

  • Port (22)

  • Username

  • Password

Many Student Information Systems support SFTP natively. For those that don't, you may use any SFTP client that your platform supports to upload your files. Transmit and Cyberduck are just a couple for the Mac platform. FileZilla or WinSCP are also common options for Windows.


Once you have uploaded those files to you SFTP account, proceed to the next step. Data Sync will analyze the files you have uploaded for all the recommended data. If your files are missing any required data, Data Sync will not let you proceed until you have provided this data. Data Sync will also show any recommended fields that you may be missing as well. These fields are recommended to ensure maximum functionality now and in the future.

After your files pass validation, you are all set to complete the setup. Once you are done, Data Sync will set up a schedule to automatically collect this data on a daily basis to ensure your Google Classroom stays up to date.

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